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Why WHS Management Plans Reduce Your Pain

The work health and safety regimes in place across Australia can present a significant management challenge. Their complexity as well as the specifics of compliance can be expensive, time-consuming, contribute to resource waste, and if not met, can result in significant fines, penalties and litigation costs. Using our WHS Management Plans can usually resolve many of those problem areas. Our plans make your workplace not only safer, but also more profitable.

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How to Select a Safety Management Plan Template

We all know the adage: there is no point in reinventing the wheel. This is true elsewhere. It is just as true for the workplace. There are savings to be made, profit to be attained and work safety to be enjoyed. The wisdom that is demonstrated by investing in a safety management plan template seems obvious. However, there are some particular aspects of choosing and using a template that you should know.

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What is a Safety Management Plan?

Safety in the work place is important not only to the employees working, but to the company as well.  When creating a Safety Management Plan there are 8 components that should always be included.

Safety Management Plan
Safety Policy Statement

Creating a safety policy statement for your management staff will not only help you put the company’s safety policy down in writing it will also make the managers share the responsibility.  The policy should state the manager’s responsibilities and require them to observe all federal, state and local safety regulations.  This policy should be signed by all managers and top company officials.

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Why invest in a professional WHS Management Plan?

One of our directors was recently asked, "Why would I invest money in paying for your template, when there are free ones out there online?" The answer came quickly and effortlessly, so much so that we thought it worth sharing.

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