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Why WHS Management Plans Reduce Your Pain

The work health and safety regimes in place across Australia can present a significant management challenge. Their complexity as well as the specifics of compliance can be expensive, time-consuming, contribute to resource waste, and if not met, can result in significant fines, penalties and litigation costs. Using our WHS Management Plans can usually resolve many of those problem areas. Our plans make your workplace not only safer, but also more profitable.

Overcoming the WHS complexities

The WHS legislation includes:

  • A model WHS Act

  • Model WHS Regulations

  • Codes of Practice, and

  • An enforcement policy.

That’s a lot of laws and regulation. This means following a Federal model (except in WA or VIC) complying with Safe Work Australia (for WHS), State and Territory legislation (Workers’ Compensation and local requirements), and ComCare (for education, assurance, and enforcement issues).

In addition, WHS also includes several regulations and Codes of Practice that have been put in place to control certain risks in the workplace.

The alternative of course, is to invest in one of our WHS management plans. It will enable us to reduce your pain.

You will receive

All Occupational Safety Solutions’ management plans have been researched and developed so you should only need to add business and project / worksite specific information using the guidance notes we provide.

By investing in an Occupational Safety Solutions WHS Management Plan, you will receive templated guidance and the resources you need to document, implement and effectively manage:  

  1. The project description, context, objective, consultation and policy plan.

  2. Factors of structure and responsibility, induction, risk management and reporting.

  3. Personnel issues such as training, relating to subcontractors, emergency contacts.

  4. Hazardous substances, incidents and injuries.

  5. Risk and hazard assessment, reporting and regulation.

  6. PPE, plant and equipment.

  7. Relevant SWMS schedules.

  8. Monitoring, auditing, resulting communication and corrective actions.

  9. Conduct appropriate and necessary reviews.

You will also receive approximately 43 pages of WHS Schedules and 18 pages of relevant risk assessment and associated forms.

Meet your obligations with the minimum of pain

Our WHS management plans help you meet your five key areas of obligation:

  1. Systems,

  2. Premises,

  3. Environment,

  4. Machinery and materials, and

  5. Information, training, and supervision.

Even if you have OHS rather than WHS laws to comply with, we’ve got you covered

In January 2012 most states and territories harmonised their Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws. Western Australia and Victoria have yet to adopt the Work Health and Safety model laws. Even for those working in these states however, our WHS Management Plans exceed the requirements of the OHS legislation you are required to comply with.

To learn more about the differences between the states, and WHS as opposed to OHS, see our article “WHS or OHS Management Plans? Which is it, and where can I get them?“ 

Regardless of where you operate in Australia, an Occupational Safety Solutions WHS Management Plan is a wise investment in the profitability, effectiveness, compliance and especially safety of your operation. It is seriously a no-lose investment! If you have questions please feel free to contact us using the phone number shown, or by completing the form on this page. We look forward to making life easier for you.

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