At Occupational Safety Solutions we design our products with the end user in mind. We are not a subscription or membership service: you pay for what you need and you can reuse your solutions as often as you like.

Our Work Health and Safety, environmental and project management plans are all designed to:

  • Be easy to use
  • Comply with relevant legislation, regulations and conventions.
  • Guide you in identifying and documenting your business and project specifics.
  • Be reusable.
  • Help you identify and respond to duty of care and other responsibilities.
  • Empower all who read or refer to them, by using simple language and logical layout.

Joining the dots and filling in the blanks

The management plans will ask you for a variety of responses.

They could be simple actions of tailoring such as entering a company name. For example:

Where specific project and task specifics are required, you’ll find prompts as well as guidance provided. For example:

There may be tables to complete. For example:

There may be charts that require delegation also. For example:

You will have attachments already organised and referenced for you, however some of them may require customisation. Where this is needed, you’ll be advised. For example:

Standardised and ready-to-use forms are provided; these can also be customised if you choose. For example:

We have done all we can to:

  1. Remove the pain,
  2. Help you jump through the legislative and other hoops required,
  3. Make your contributions both effective and efficient, and
  4. Save you money.

We have also used the same design principles in designing a wealth of additional resources, including Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), WHS Management Systems, industry specific documents, checklists and more.

If you have a suggestion or comment to make, please let us know. We have been able to deliver quality and do so consistently by not only doing the study and creating the products, but also by being responsive to the marketplace and listening to the people on ‘the coalface’.

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