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Project Management Plan – PMP

Your Project Management Plan (PMP) will help you plan for and manage aspects of site health and safety, quality assurance and environmental factors. Like our other management plans, it provides you with a fully customisable template to follow, guidance suggestions and all the necessary information you need.

If you are the principal contractor on site, then you are ultimately responsible for all health, safety, quality and environmental outcomes. For this reason, our Project Management plan incorporates all of these domains of responsibility.

Your Project Management Plan will be thorough and complete after you have worked through the template we provide.

A snapshot of the template content and structure can be seen here.

It will be this easy:

  1. Download your plan.
  2. Edit and customise the template for your company and project’s details (using guidance notes that are provided).
  3. Use and re-use the template or documents as often as you like. You buy them once and then re-use as required.

To start creating your own comprehensive PMP, simply purchase your template and you can begin straight away.

The Project Management Plan explains how your many responsibilities and commitments will be met, while also providing evidence of appropriate due diligence efforts and procedures. Your PMP has the following features:

  • Is 152 pages in length.
  • Complies with International Standards Organisation (ISO) 14001.
  • Complies with International Standards Organisation (ISO) 9001.
  • Complies with AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Specification.
  • Complies with the WHS Act 2011.
  • Complies with the WHS Regulations 2011.
  • Comes in an easy to edit MS Word format, so it is easy to change and customise as desired.
  • Guidance notes and over 90 pages of useful tools are also included.

Looking deeper, your PMP will include:

  • Project milestones, schedules and reporting.
  • WHS, environmental and quality management policies and procedures.
  • Communications protocols.
  • Approvals and required licenses Identified.
  • Management methods, responsibilities and continual improvement processes.
  • Personnel issues including training, team and subcontractor management.
  • Auditing, complaints and corrective actions.
  • Identification of, and responses to: risk, hazards, incidents and injuries.
  • Supporting WHS, Environmental and project schedules (46 included), monitoring and auditing tools.
  • Project Management Plan Review

If you have questions, we are available to help. This is a user-friendly, fully compliant, appropriately supported and cost-effective solution.

You can have your Project Management Plan underway in minutes. Request your Project Management Plan and you’ll be immediately sent the download link you need.