State of mind is the Key to Every Single Safe Operating Procedure.

The 2020 Black Lives Matter movement was activated by the power of mindset. Arrests go foul when authorities have a tainted mindset, and website safety is compromised when workers have ‘bad’ attitudes. The simple truth is that every safe operating procedure relies on employees working out the best mindset.

Your workers are unlikely to kneel on a throat, loot a store or take down a statue, however just as mindsets are type in those actions, mindsets likewise contribute to non-compliance with safe operating procedures. By being conscious of the headspace our people are in, we can better implement our Safety Management System (WHSMS) and work in utilising their compliance across a range of safety topics.

Let’s look at ways we can promote and sustain the type of mindsets that make safe operating treatments work.

A Safe Operating Procedure Works When …?

We will not labour the point on this item considering that the connection is fairly apparent. A quality-focused mindset generally produces attention to information, a determination to do what could otherwise be annoying, and an awareness that no activity exists in seclusion. Workers with this sort of mindset are unlikely to cut corners on safety. On the other hand, those with casual attitudes toward quality and results are also likely to be lax when it concerns safety.

For these factors, we’re going to concentrate on competitive and profit issues.
Published in 2017, it’s protection of quality safety treatments can be an exemplar for developing quality mindsets in your workplace. It hit on a lot of safety subjects across the Work Health and Safety resources, treatments and processes spectrum.

Safe Operating Procedures and the Competitive Mindset

Are you suspicious about that heading? It would be reasonable if you were.
Competitors can enhance inspiration and effort; this has been conclusively shown, but are we pressing the envelope by recommending competitors can increase safety?

(and if you think that, you’re right on track). There’s a particular type of competition we are motivating.

To assist workers feel good about safety, and feel good about competition, we need to be developing the ideal feelings – and we’re not just spouting theories here. We’ve accrued information from a range of sources, but probably the easiest to absorb is the Harvard Business Review article if you ‘d like to find out more (

How Does the Competition Make People Feel?

A lot of professional athletes (even the regular ones like me) understand that there are physiological and mental states that assist them play the game much better. Focus, energy, endurance and more are all supported by the best mindset.

The most efficient office competitors are those that focus on winning a benefit or some type of public acknowledgment. These create anticipation and enjoyment, which, in turn, can produce imagination, the pursuit of efficiency and reliable compliance with safe operating treatments.

Athletes (and non-athletes) also understand that worry and anxiety are not handy. These unfavourable emotions usually prevent performance, decrease analytical capabilities, increase dishonest behaviours, and motivate corner-cutting – none of which benefit safety.

Prevent these feelings by guaranteeing competitions do not stir awareness of unfavourable repercussions, like:
1. The threat of being laid off,
2. Facing an earnings decrease, or
3. Facing humiliation of any form.

It likewise isn’t as easy as stirring up the right belief. As a reasonably steady rule, Aussies do not like it when you ‘manage’ or control them, and they don’t like being revved-up. It seems like a con. For this factor, guarantee you’re upfront about why you’re performing or developing competitors.
The benefit is that you’ll normally win regard for genuinely buying their safety.

When utilising competitions to increase safe operating procedure compliance, consider applying these concepts:

1. Create contests that concentrate on particular behaviours (like the Highway Patrol finishes with particular campaigns, e.g. seat belts).
2. For procedures that include a group, reward the group (not specific members).
3. Run competitions for specific and short periods. Do not let it end up being regular.
4. Openly and frequently post rating updates. Do not let focus wane.
5. Minimise the threat of ‘losing’. Prevent producing worry and stress and anxiety.
6. Focus on the advantages to be acquired, not what might be lost.
7. Usage rewards that develop anticipation and enjoyment.
8. Reward in public, appreciation in personal.

Using Profit to Increase Safe Operating Procedure Compliance

PROFIT MATTERS! We understand it. Our workers know it. Our customers know it. If there’s insufficient earnings, there will be no business, and there will be no jobs. No reasonable person expects a service to run at a loss, so we need to honestly deal with some stinking considering revenue and safety.

In late 2019, we released an article on our blog showing that safe operating treatments, when rightly approached, really enhance your bottom line.

Because post, we recommended 3 central methods to cultivate this awareness and mindset:
1. Consider safety treatments in a valuable method,
2. Support people with useful work-culture, and
3. Equip them with simple to utilise resources

A handy mindset identifies the intricacy of the work environment, embracing an identified dedication to see beyond the apparent. When we comprehend the contribution of safe operating procedures throughout a range of safety subjects and contexts, and we link those topics and contexts to revenue (which isn’t hard), we begin to believe in properly.

Likely, some of your people are already believing with a proper mindset. Know the requirements of your groups, design the behaviours you want, dissuade corner-cutting, and make sure every individual has the right to state “No” and “Whoa”.

Resource you’re people well – which of course is where we come in. When safety resources are efficient, useful, simple to use, cost-efficient, and line up with your objectives, they end up being a profit-oriented investment.

If you take a peek around, you’ll find:

– Complete Work Health and Safety Management Systems,
– A variety of Management Plans,
– Individual SWMS’s resources covering a stretch of safe operating procedure contexts,
– Specific Industry Packs throughout 23 different trade/industry specialisations, and
– A range of other resources covering the safety topic and procedure realm.

We can also customise a service to your particular requirements.

‘ Safe’ Thinking Saves Businesses and Lives

Safety mindsets that work are quality-focused, intelligently competitive, and profit supporting.

From the greatest executive to the youngest apprentice, safe thinking will conserve lives, and also place you for profit in time. Safety mindsets matter.

Arrests go nasty when police have a tainted mindset, and website safety is compromised when workers have ‘bad’ attitudes. It was titled, Your Safety Is Only As Strong As Your Weakest Work Health and Safety Procedure, and it introduced 5 focus areas of mindset, method, currency, leadership and affordability. Remember, your safety is only as strong as the mindset of your weakest worker.

Workers with this sort of mindset are not likely to cut corners on safety. Released in 2017, it’s protection of quality safety procedures can be an exemplar for developing quality mindsets in your work environment.


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