Trying to decide what plan you need? We have three plan types on this site and additional plans at our parent site (www.occupational-safety.com.au).

Here are some guiding questions to help you decide:

Q: Do you deliver your product or service off-site (i.e. away from your base workplace)?
A: Yes.
Our suggestion: To deliver your service you will likely require a WHSMP as a minimum.

Q: Does your work impact on the environment?
A: Yes.
Our suggestion: You very likely require a HSEMP to work on the work site.

Q: Are you the principal contractor on the worksite?
A: Yes.
Our suggestion: You would be wise to invest in a complete PMP.

Q: How do the plans compare in size and inclusions.
A: To fully appreciate the differences, you should read up on each one, however the following two features may give you some idea as to how comprehensive each plan type is:

  • The WHSMP is 95 pages in length and has 24 schedules included.
  • The HSEMP is 113 pages in length and has 27 schedules included.
  • The PMP is 147 pages in length and has 46 schedules included.

Still unsure? Just call and we’ll be happy to work it through with you.


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