One of our directors was recently asked, “Why would I invest money in paying for your template, when there are free ones out there online?” The answer came quickly and effortlessly, so much so that we thought it worth sharing.

When you invest in a WHS Management Plan (and it is an investment, not an expense) you invest in your future financial security, efficiency, compliance and peace of mind. Yes, these are easy words to say; so easy in fact, that they might easily be ignored as yet another blast of marketing hot air. We live in a deceptive age, so skepticism is not only understandable, it is even worthy of applause. But we do have reasons for our boast.

By investing in a plan from Occupational Safety Solutions, you have peace of mind, because your ethical and legislative commitments are covered. You also enjoy increased productivity because you are using a product that is designed to make your life easier.

Yes, there are free templates out there, but let’s be honest, do you really want to trust something so important to someone who creates them as a hobby? Of course, there are some who opportunistically set you up for other sales. There are also kind-hearted who provide templates for free, but they are rare. Even rarer, are people who provide quality. At Occupational Safety Solutions, we have chosen to make this our professional mission. It is also our passion.

Our passion keeps us on our toes, and that is why we enjoy a 99.85% satisfaction rating to date.

All our safety solution plans:

  1. Are prepared with deliberate, systematic and professional rigor.
  2. Were compiled by a WHS professional who stays abreast of applicable legislation and regulations.
  3. Comply with the minimum standards, but also then move well beyond them.
  4. Can withstand the due diligence inspections of government regulators.
  5. Are exhaustive enough to withstand litigious assault, when completed properly.
  6. Are easily understood, used and modified.
  7. Can be re-used, again and again and again.

… and if something legislatively changes, as an existing client, you can request a revised template which will be provided at no cost!

You probably realise that if your project is worth more than $250,000 you must have a WHS Management Plan, but is that really your motivation for getting it right? Aren’t there deeper ones? More fundamental ones?

We started with the question: “Why would I invest money in paying for your template, when there are free versions online?” The answer to the question is ultimately a weighing of risk management, compliance, efficiency and peace of mind.

In the final calculation the decision is simple. Is getting it right an investment, or is it an expense? The decision is yours.


2,000 + clients 1 refund request 3 misunderstandings

That’s a 99.85% satisfaction rate! We tell it like it is. We know our stuff. We don’t over-sell. We are not ‘salesee’. We answer the phone. We listen, guide and assist. Clients come back for more. Our products sell themselves. We respond to urgent requests.