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Safety in the work place is important not only to the employees working, but to the company as well.  When creating a Safety Management Plan there are 8 components that should always be included.

Safety Policy Statement

Creating a safety policy statement for your management staff will not only help you put the company’s safety policy down in writing it will also make the managers share the responsibility.  The policy should state the manager’s responsibilities and require them to observe all federal, state and local safety regulations.  This policy should be signed by all managers and top company officials.

First Aid

Each work area should be equipped with proper first aid equipment as well as be staffed with at least one individual that is trained in first aid procedures.

Safety Rules

It is important for management to draw up a list of safety rules and have them posted by each work station.  These rules should be clear, concise and enforceable.  A copy should be supplied to each employee as well.

Safety Training

Training programs should be implemented for all new employees that cover proper work procedures, safety procedures, and use of safety equipment.  If new equipment or processes are introduced, existing employees should be trained as well.  

Proper Record Keeping

All work related accidents should be logged on appropriate WHS paperwork as well as recorded in a company safety file. The company files should also contain any reported breaches of company safety policies.

Accident Procedures

Accidents should be reported immediately to a supervisor and the supervisor should initiate the incident and injury management procedures.  All information gathered from the accident investigation should be recorded in a timely fashion.

Safety Meeting

Regular safety meetings should be held by management for all employees.  At meetings, any new procedures should be discussed as well as any problems that have occurred and how they can be prevented.

Routine Inspections

It is important for managers and supervisors to perform routine safety inspections of work areas.  By doing this any problems can be addressed or safety procedures can be adjusted if necessary.  
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