Whatever the type and size of business you run, the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011 affects you.

Everyone from the sole trader to the largest corporation has equal responsibility for ensuring their workplace is safe. The goal of health and safety legislation is to ensure every worker gets to go home to their family at the end their working day.

Yes, some may view it as cumbersome, a box ticking exercise, something that HAS to be done. The sheer amount of paperwork involved just to comply with legislation is unbelievable right?

Imagine if you have to draft every single document yourself? Maybe you do and are finding it difficult to cope? That is where we come in.

We make documenting your efforts to create a safe workplace EASY. We take all the guesswork out of creating your policies and communication protocols. ALL the hard work has already been done for you. When you order your WHS Management Plan (WHSMP), Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plan (HSEMP) or Project Management Plan (PMP) from us, you are over three quarters of the way to complying fully with the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011.


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Top Features:

  • Detailed and professional templates
  • Fully customisable, easy to use MS Word templates
  • Prompts and guidance notes provided for completing every section
  • Standardised and ready-to-use forms also included
  • Free phone support!

Making Your Site Safe – Work, Health and Safety Management Plan (WHSMP)

If you are a contractor then several factors may affect whether or not you win your next tender. Keeping workers on your construction site safe is paramount to the reputation of your business. Proving that you have a comprehensive plan and process in place to manage workplace and site safety is crucial. You may be the best contracting company in Australasia but if you cannot prove your adherence to site safety standards, and compliance to legislation, then you will be out of work.

This is where our Work, Health and Safety Management Plan (WHSMP) comes in handy. Why reinvent the wheel when, for a one ONE OFF PAYMENT you can lay your hands on a ready to go WHSMP? All you need to do is customise it with your business and project details, including site and project specifics and you are all set.

Taking Care of The Environment – Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plan (HSEMP)

Each construction project has its own challenges, and the environment is one of them. How can you ensure your construction activities will not have an impact on water courses, lakes, or natural habitats for endangered species? Ok, maybe your project is small in scope and as far as you can tell, there will be ZERO impact on the environment. How do you demonstrate this to the authorities and your client?

The Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plan – HSEMP will help you identify and make plans for any potential environmental impact. If you intend to grow your business and tendering for federal contracts, a HSEMP is critical. The plan will:

  • Show your proactive approach to environmental matters
  • Detail your commitments and your plan and procedures to meet them
  • Help you identify where you have duty of care
  • Illustrate your activities and controls for environmental management

Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plan Benefits

You can draft the Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plan for your business all on your own, but why would you? By purchasing a pre written plan from us you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • You will save your company TIME, a lot of it. No more fiddling with formatting in Microsoft Word trying to put together your own version of the document.
  • You will save MONEY, getting a consultant to help develop this plan can cost your business a lot. Here you have a template you can customise to reflect your project
  • You will COMPLY with all relevant legislation pertaining to Workplace Safety and Environmental Management
  • You will be able to reuse the same document for all your future projects, you only PAY ONCE and the template is yours for good

Your very next project may depend on having a Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plan in place. Do not put this off any longer, orders yours here today.

Manage Your Project, WHS, Environmental And Quality Compliance All In One Place – Project Management Plan (PMP)

Need one solution to cover all compliance bases? The Project Management Plan – PMP will allow you to deliver Workplace Health and Safety, Environmental impact planning as well as quality control all within one document. The features of the PMP include the following:

  • Contains a section focusing on the project planning and execution activities including capturing milestones, scheduling and reporting
  • Policies and procedures section covering WHS, Environment and Quality
  • Personnel section addressing staff training and subcontractor control
  • Risk and hazard identification including control methods
  • Systems auditing and continuous improvement process

The Project Management Plan complies with all relevant legislation including:

  • Complies with International Standards Organisation (ISO) 14001.
  • Complies with International Standards Organisation (ISO) 9001.
  • Complies with AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Specification.
  • Complies with WHS Act 2011.
  • Complies with the revised WHS Regulations 2014.

Are you serious about Workplace Health and Safety, Environmental Issues and running projects on budget and on time, while satisfying regulatory requirements? Then you need these TIME and MONEY saving templates.  All documents comply with the Safe Work Australia 2012 Regulations.

STOP feeling overwhelmed by Workplace Health and Safety issues and the mountains of documentation associated with it. Select one of our SIMPLE solutions and get started today