Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plan – HSEMP

This Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plan (HSEMP) will help you manage site Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) aspects of a project through all stages of planning and delivery. The template is fully customisable and is designed for effectiveness and efficiency. It will guide you step-by-step through the process of customising or creating both the policies and documentation your require.

If your site work has potential environmental impact(s) then you will likely require a HSEMP to successfully tender or work on site. This plan details both your commitments as well as the procedures you will follow to meet them. It helps you identify where you have a duty of care, helps you apply appropriate measures of due diligence and also includes additional tools that will assist. It does all this in any extremely cost effective manner.

A snapshot of the template content and structure can be seen here.

It will be this easy:

  1. Download your plan.
  2. Adjust the template so that your company and project details are shown (using the guidance notes provided).
  3. Use and re-use the template or documents for future projects.

Please note: This is not a subscription service. You only buy once and then re-use as required.

To start creating your HSEMP, simply purchase your template and you can be underway in minutes.purchase your template and you can be underway in minutes.

Your HSEMP will also have the following features:

  • Is 125 pages in length.
  • Complies with International Standards Organisation (ISO) 14001.
  • Complies with AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Specification.
  • Complies with the WHS Act 2011.
  • Complies with the WHS Regulations 2011.
  • Is provided in MS Word format, so it is easy to edit and manipulate as desired.
  • Guidance notes and over 70 pages of useful tools are also included.

Looking deeper, your WHSMP will include:

  • Company WHS and Environmental Policies.
  • Workplace consultation and communications protocols.
  • Identification of required approvals and licenses.
  • Activities and controls for environmental management.
  • Explanations of management structure, responsibilities, corrective actions.
  • Site rules pertaining to safety, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and plant and equipment.
  • Personnel issues including training, team management, subcontractors and induction.
  • Management, assessment and responses to risk, hazards, hazardous substances, emergencies, incidents and injuries.
  • Supporting HSE schedules (27 included), monitoring and auditing tools.
  • Health, Safety and Environment Management Plan Review.
You can have a solution underway today. Simply purchase a Health, Safety and Environment Management Plan today and you can be underway in minutes. This is a fully compliant, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution.


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