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We all know the adage: there is no point in reinventing the wheel. This is true elsewhere. It is just as true for the workplace. There are savings to be made, profit to be attained and work safety to be enjoyed. The wisdom that is demonstrated by investing in a safety management plan template seems obvious. However, there are some particular aspects of choosing and using a template that you should know.


Investing in a downloadable digital safety management plan template is a smart move. Not all templates are the same of course. The quality of any template is ultimately measured by:

  1. How efficiently it can be implemented,
  2. How easily it is communicated, and
  3. How thoroughly it complies with the relevant legislation.  

If your template does not contribute to all three of these goals, it can actually cause you enormous and expensive difficulties. Performance in these three areas will help ensure you are templating for success, not frustration.


Projects vary in size and scope, so a templated WHS solution needs to be straightforward enough and adaptable enough to handle this reality.

One of the beauties of working with a quality template, is that the various aspects of WHS duty of care can be analysed item by item, then discarded or altered as appropriate.  A quality template is one that helps you effectively and quickly decide what is important, and what is not.

Another driving force in WHS  implementation is the interplay between different aspects of your plan. They need to work together and compliment each other. Consider, for example:

  • Your policies,
  • Your management structure,
  • The way you distribute responsibility,
  • The way you assess safety performance, as well as
  • The induction procedures you implement.

These elements all feed off and influence each other. The relationships between them are rarely simple. Investing in a template that manages these relationships well, is therefore, a profound investment in efficiency.


The management plan you ultimately create will be neatly divided into sections, which helps your staff see what they need to see, without being overwhelmed by the rest.

Let’s call it helping them see the trees without being blinded by the forest.

A good template communicates easily.


Even though WHS agencies from state and federal governments are now talking to each other, the legislation is still far from being stable. Change and complexity is unavoidable. This is why your template needs to come from a provider that is committed to keeping you informed and updated of relevant changes.

We offer you that commitment!

Our templates are constantly updated in line with legislative changes, we will notify you whenever this happens. Our commitment to professionalism is genuine and our commitment to your efficiency and the safety of your workers is also solid. Most of the time this service will be provided as a courtesy and without charge. Occasionally, if the changes are extremely onerous, we may charge a small fee for the update, but this is unlikely.

We care about providing a quality product as well as being professional and reliable in our service to you.


We have already acknowledged that projects vary, and one of the strengths of using a template to manage your occupational safety aspects, is that you can vary and tailor the plan to your specific needs.

Here are some of the areas a quality safety management plan covers. Ensure your template does too.

  • Chain of command as well as authority and relationship explanations.
  • Straightforward and standardised induction procedures and training methods.
  • Clearly defined reporting, monitoring and auditing methods.
  • Quickly communicable subcontractor management tools.
  • Hazardous substances (management and reporting).
  • Emergency contacts and response procedures.
  • Hazard reporting and response procedures.
  • Continuous improvement and review cycles.
  • Easy access to easily interpreted schedules.
  • Safe work method statements (SWMS).
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Incident and injury management.
  • Specific site safety rules.
  • Plant and equipment.
  • Risk assessment.


Ensuring your workplace stays operational, is profitable and also safe is a challenge.  For the business professional who pursues these goals and also wants to be time-efficient, a templated WHS management plan is a logical investment.

We have good reason to believe our patterned solutions do just this. No shortage of satisfied customers testify to the professionalism and completeness of our solutions.

To learn more, select the link below and you will be taken to a purchase options page. If you want to speak to an Occupational Safety Solutions WHS specialist, call 1800 304 336. We look forward to helping you wherever we can.

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